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    Maintenance of automatic assembly line
      The development of automatic assembly line technology in the storage field (including the main warehouse) can be divided into five stages: artificial storage stage, mechanized storage stage, automatic storage stage, integrated storage stage and intelligent automatic storage stage. In the late 1990s and several years in the 21st century, intelligent automatic storage will be the main development direction of automation technology.
    1. If the equipment is planned to be shut down for long-term storage, all bearings on the production line equipment shall be injected with grease to prevent rust;
    2. The storage environment shall be dry to avoid ponding;
    3. All motors need to be wrapped and protected with fresh-keeping paper;
    4. All rubber wheel bearings on the crown block shall be filled with grease for rust prevention;
    5. All fuel injection parts of crown block shall be wrapped with fresh-keeping paper for protection;
    6. Clean all the liquid medicine in all pipelines;
    7. Take out and clean all steam coils inside;
    Automatic assembly line is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical treatment, service and family.
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