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    Welcome to the official website of Suzhou Yidai Yilu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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    About us

    Suzhou billion electronic technology Co.,Ltd

    Suzhou billion belt Road Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (founded in 2007 in Wujiang Songling town hung Yue mechanical and electrical equipment factory funded company), the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a professional production and research and development of selective wave soldering, selective sprayer and other electronic equipment and non-standard automation enterprises.

    In 2009, the first online selective sprayer was developed to save flux without affecting the output.

    In 2011, the company invested 5 million yuan in the research and development of online selective wave soldering, and set up a special research group. In 2012, the first selective wave soldering was put into production.

    Over the past decade, the company has always adhered to the 12 word concept of "innovation, quality, service, conservation, dedication and gratitude". Absorb new ideas, strictly control the quality gate, follow-up all-round service, and insist on making high-quality products. In line with the "pursuit, staff, technology, spirit, interests" 10 word purpose. Now we have a group of capable managers and a high-quality professional and technical team, comfortable and elegant office environment and a new modern standard factory building of more than 10 mu. We take quality as our life, time as our reputation and price as our competitive business belief, and we are based on the international market.

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