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    1. Customer.

    As an enterprise, we must listen to and understand the needs of customers, then meet these needs, and then exceed the expectations of customers. Our mission is to be the most innovative enterprise and a highly respected supplier in the market we serve. Among them, the enterprise must maintain the high quality of products, and constantly innovate, to create higher value for customers.

    2. Employees.

    An enterprise, no matter which enterprise it belongs to, ultimately needs people to realize its value. Without employees, there is no enterprise. Many times, enterprises regard customers as God. But I think in Yidai Yilu company, employees and customers are equally important to the company.

    3. Investors.

    Enterprises must give investors a reasonable reward. Of course, investors should not only look at the profitability of the enterprise, but also look at the risks faced by the enterprise in its development and whether it has a more promising future. So, how to let investors favor your company? Among them, enterprises not only need to have courage, but also this courage is sustainable. This is the so-called vision.

    4. Social responsibility.

    Trying to increase shareholders' wealth or pursue maximum profits has never been the main driving force or primary goal of billion belt billion road. In addition to making money, we also actively take the responsibility of social citizens in the area where the enterprise is located. Among them, tax is one aspect. Equally important is environmental protection. Here, environmental protection is closely related to the health of all employees.

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